We enable BIM professionals to coordinate in real-time

Studio 3DX is developed to optimise your workflow which simply means, we are giving you powerful and simple tools efficiently coordinate your projects. Studio 3DX is a cloud BIM coordination solution that helps you streamline your workflow and reduce the excessive use of other software to coordinate with your team.

Mission, Vision

The biggest problem we see in construction projects is bad communication between the stakeholders and loss of information. With limited and expensive tools it often causes a project to immerse into design and construction mistakes, costly rollbacks and postponement of the development schedule.

Studio 3DX is a real-time cloud-based BIM (Building Information Modelling) coordination software with tools that make their internal and external collaboration for all stakeholders of a project seamless. Our users bring their BIM designs from different software to coordinate their projects in real-time by hosting meetings, reporting of design and construction issues and organising their BIM workflow, all in a 3D space, in a gamified environment. Studio 3DX, is the first to market for real-time coordination with an ease-of-use and all-in-one solution that is cost effective and fun to use.

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