Are you using Revit? View and update your BCF issues inside Revit with our plugin

Revit Feb 2, 2021

We've just released our Revit plugin to build a discussion between the designers and coordinators and optimise the workflow. Unlock the power of Studio 3DX in Revit 🗝️

Synchronise your design issues in Revit, fix them and change its description, status etc. That's it! It's now synchronised in real-time, no need to refresh.

Get your very own Revit plugin. 📐 Simply login to your Studio 3DX and you'll find it there!

Are you new to Studio 3DX? Get started for free on


Marios Messios

Marios Messios is an Architect Engineer and the Co-Founder and CEO of Parametricos. Parametricos is building Studio 3DX, a Real-time Cloud Solution for BIM professionals.

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