BIM Experts Workflow - examining how things are done with your teams and clients

BIM Jan 5, 2021

There is only one way to really know what’s going on inside a BIM expert's mind and that is to ask him or her directly.

This is why Parametricos is now focusing on interviewing and gathering valuable information on BIM workflows and what goes right and wrong.

Another way we do this is by posing 10 quick questions in an effort to highlight any issues that BIM experts may have in their workflows. Is everything working well, for example?

We always appreciate those who help in our research, and we are giving away a free trial for one month on Studio 3DX. We will publish the results by updating these blog posts at the end of our study.

BIM Experts Workflow - Looking deeper on how things are done with your teams and clients for a project.


Anninos Loizou

Economist, Co-Founder and COO of Parametricos

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