BIM Mandates and where to find them.

BIM Dec 24, 2020

Looking at how the world is moving towards a complete implementation of BIM. We've gathered as many countries as we knew from different sources. If your country is not listed below you can contribute to the knowledge pool below in a quick form. It will update the interactive dashboard below.

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Global BIM – which countries have adopted Building Information Modelling?
Stroma Certification provides certification schemes, software and training for installers and assessors in energy industry
Global BIM Standards: Is Your Country Next?
BIM (Building Information Modeling) is becoming the standard amongst major countries. Many now have BIM standards mandating that certain BIM levels are achieved on projects. Is your country listed?
Is a BIM Mandate Coming to the US?
So will the United States ever have a BIM mandate? It’s a question many contractors wonder about because if BIM were to be mandated. Click here to learn more.
What Is the U.K. BIM Mandate—and How Might It Affect You, Wherever You Are?
This class will discuss the United Kingdom Building Information Modeling (BIM) Mandate that was implemented on April 4th, 2016, and its wider implications on the industry. You’ll hear how the principles behind the mandate could affect you and improve your day-to-day workflows, even if you don’t have…

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Economist, Co-Founder and COO of Parametricos

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