New Student Ambassador Announcement: René Ignacio Rebolledo Canales

We are delighted and proud to announce that our team of Ambassadors is getting bigger and expands to every continent, this time from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. 🔥

New Student Ambassador Announcement: René Ignacio Rebolledo Canales

Meet our newest Student Ambassador member, René Ignacio Rebolledo Canales from Chile. 🔥 René is the President of the Architectural Alumni Centre of the University of Desarollo and the Founding Partner of Hardscape Architects. René works together with our team on improving the BIM & GIS (Masterplan) experience for our users.

En el mundo del paisajismo aún no existe un total oferta en cuanto a colaboración BIM & GIS. Precisamente Studio 3DX nos viene aportar esa compatibilidad que nos permitirá, de una forma más fácil, por el navegador web y, sobre todo, en vivo  coordinar las distintas especialidades para lograr traspasar toda la información, de una forma universal, sin importar la escala de la intervención.“ René Ignacio

"In the world of landscaping there is still a need for a product to offer more in terms of BIM & GIS integration. This is where Studio 3DX comes, to provide us with an easy and compatible solution that allows us, through the web browser, to coordinate different disciplines for transferring all the information, in a universal way, regardless the project's scale." René Ignacio

What is the Masterplan on Studio 3DX

Geolocate BIM models on geospatial 3D maps for faster project overviews and town planning decisions

Simply load your BIM models and visualise them on 3D maps we provide. Make better and faster decisions when it comes to urban design and town planning. No need for any other presentation tool or renderings for your client.

  • Upload and stream your own geospatial/ GIS sources
  • Load your BIM models on the map and create a masterplan of buildings and infrastructure
  • Great for infrastructure and linear projects such as bridges, highways etc.

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