New Official Partner: A+U Arquitetura BIM

Partnership Feb 12, 2021

A+U Arquitetura has become an Official Studio 3DX Partner to work together in empowering their daily BIM workflow with real-time coordination, and to participate in our Advanced User program to improve our product experience and development, with their industry experience.

"Our purpose is to make building something simple - through integrated projects developed with BIM; combining technology and design." - Luiz Felipe Lima, Architect & Founder at A+U Arquitetura BIM
"Engaging and creating lasting relationships with our Official Partners such as A+U Arquitetura begins with working side-by-side with great people to really understand how to improve the built environment together." - Marios Messios, CEO, Parametricos

About A+U Arquitetura BIM

We are an architecture firm, founded in 2018 by urban architect Luiz Felipe Lima. We emerged from the need for optimization and technological evolution of Brazilian civil construction processes and the passion to transform lives through incredible spaces in which they can truly identify, live and work.

Arquitetura | Tecnologia | Inovação
Empresa de arquitetura especializada em desenvolvimento projetos em B.I.M.
IG: @amaisuarq in: amaisu-arquitetura

Are you interested in becoming an Official Studio 3DX Partner? Contact us here


Anninos Loizou

Economist, Co-Founder and COO of Parametricos

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