Studio 3DX to Debut Revolutionary 3D Customisable Configurator at the Limassol Boat Show 2024

Studio 3DX to Debut Revolutionary 3D Customisable Configurator at the Limassol Boat Show 2024

Studio 3DX, the pioneering force in 3D visualisation solutions, is launching its groundbreaking 3D customisable configurator at the Limassol Boat Show.

This innovative tool empowers users to personalise their 3D models with an extensive array of assets, textures, and colours, reshaping the landscape of 3D visualisation and presentation. Studio 3DX's customisable configurator heralds a new era of collaboration between clients and designers, offering unparalleled flexibility in creating bespoke projects tailored to individual preferences.

From selecting interior layouts to choosing materials and finishes, clients wield full control over every aspect of their design, ensuring it mirrors their unique style and vision. Unlike traditional static images or brochures, the 3D configurator provides an interactive and dynamic experience, enabling clients to explore every angle and detail of their desired product before making a purchase decision.

With Studio 3DX's configurator, clients can customise their future investments with precision and ease, witnessing the impact of their choices in real-time, thus streamlining the decision-making process.


Join the future of maritime design presentations with Studio 3DX.

The Dark Room experience at the Limassol Boat Show

Studio 3DX will unveil its customisable yacht configurator at this year's Limassol Boat Show, in collaboration with Nautimar Marine Marketing Ltd. - a distinguished leader in pleasure boat sales and services with a legacy spanning three decades - supported by Van der Valk Shipyard.

Held at the famous Limassol Marina in Cyprus, the show promises attendees an immersive experience like no other. Visitors at Nautimar Marine's exhibition space will step into a dark room equipped with a touch screen, where they can unleash their creativity and design their dream yacht in real-time. Every aspect of the selected Van der Valk yacht, from the stateroom to the main salon, dining room, exterior, and deck area, will be fully customisable. Visitors will have access to a curated selection of assets sourced from renowned designers such as Kartel, Farrell, Abayomi, and others, ensuring the most realistic and high-quality customisable experience. In addition to assets, users will have the freedom to select from a diverse range of materials, textures, and colour palettes to enhance the ambiance of their yacht. With a variety of finishes, fabrics, and hues available, clients can create a space that exudes luxury and sophistication, setting the stage for unforgettable maritime experiences.

About Nautimar Marine Marketing Ltd.

With a legacy spanning three decades, Nautimar Marine Marketing Ltd. is a premier destination for pleasure boat sales and services. The company boasts a diverse portfolio, having sold hundreds of craft ranging from tenders to custom yachts. Nautimar Marine's wealth of experience and commitment to excellence make it the go-to choice for yachting enthusiasts.

About Van der Valk Shipyard.

Van der Valk Shipyard stands among the elite few globally capable of constructing fully bespoke superyachts ranging from 25 to 45 meters. Renowned for their premium Dutch craftsmanship, they offer a unique proposition: clients can collaborate with Van der Valk and their preferred exterior design team without the need to design a new hull from scratch. This ensures each yacht delivers exceptional performance, speed, and stability. Alternatively, a completely new hull form can be designed, taking into consideration the various purpose-specific parameters that a client may have, to ultimately meet client's expectations.

About the Limassol Boat Show Limassol Boat Show.

Hosted at Limassol Marina, is the largest boat show in the Eastern Mediterranean. The 2024 edition promises to be a dynamic gathering of industry professionals and enthusiasts, showcasing the latest products and services in the yachting sector. With over 35,000 visitors and 120 exhibitors anticipated, Limassol Boat Show is a must-attend event for anyone passionate about maritime innovation.

Event Details.

The Limassol Boat Show will take place from May 23rd to May 26th, 2024, at Limassol Marina.

Studio 3DX will be located in Area C22 (in front of Mata Restaurant), while Nautimar and the dark room experience will be situated at the entrance of Area D. Please note that tickets will be required to enter Area D.

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