[VLOG] BIM TALK with Marios Messios

Interview Jul 30, 2021

I had the pleasure to be interviewed by Junghwo Park as part of his series of interviews with BIM experts and I'd like to share it with you along with some key points. Check out the interview on YouTube here.

Here are a few of the main takeaways:

We have to look at the future of buildings not only from the client's and the designer's point of view but rather as a wholistic approach and more parameters should be included in the design phase before it reaches to the construction site. These parameters include green factors, the community, energy factors, the municipality, etc.

OpenBIM works and should be promoted as part of the bigger effort to improve our built environment from the design phase.

The construction industry is slow to digitise due to it's fragmentation into a lot of smaller parts and stakeholders, but it has risen quite a bit in the last 10 years and BIM is just a part of this digitisation process.

Open-Source software provides the opportunity to assemble applications, that solve a specific problem, in a very short time.

The future of architecture is Open-Source software

About [VLOG] BIM Talk

"This podcast series is useful for students and educators at university, for everyone who is working in the AECO industry, architects and construction companies to start implementing BIM workflows, or anyone looking for a new BIM Manager in their organization."

Check out the complete series of interviews on YouTube.

About Parametricos

Parametricos is a software development startup for the AEC industry focusing on BIM and GIS solutions.

Check out our Studio 3DX (https://studio3dx.com) and our Open-Source projects on GitHub (https://github.com/Parametricos)

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Marios Messios

Marios Messios is an Architect Engineer and the Co-Founder and CEO of Parametricos. Parametricos is building Studio 3DX, a Real-time Cloud Solution for BIM professionals.

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