EDRO III Shipwreck 3D Model

Click on the 3D viewer below to explore the cool EDRO III that ran aground off Pegeia in 2011.


The Sierra Leone-flagged EDRO III ran aground off Pegeia on 8 December 2011 in heavy seas, during a voyage to Rhodes, from Limassol, Cyprus with a cargo of plasterboard. At the time of the accident, the ship had nine crew members - seven Albanians and two Egyptians. The crew were rescued and airlifted to the safety of Paphos by a local British Military helicopter.

The EDRO III weighs about 2,345 tons and is over 80 meters in length. According to Cyprus Marine Environment Protection Association CMEPA, the ship is empty of all cargo and fuel oil and rests on the sea rocks at an 11-12 degree angle. Embarking on the ship is no longer permitted as it is dangerous. Together with Germany’s CIMEXTA Vessel Salvage Company, the task of safe removal of all diesel, hydrocarbons and marine pollutants onboard the vessel, and watertighting the hull was awarded to a Cypriot marine salvage company. This was completed in October 2013.

EDRO III Shipwreck
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